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Nikki Beach Returns to 37th Toronto International Film Festival TIFF



The Global Luxury Lifestyle Brand to take Residence on the Rooftop Patio of The Spoke Club

September 6th – September 11th, 2012


(MIAMI BEACH, FL)  – July 25, 2012 – Nikki Beach Worldwide, the global luxury lifestyle brand that introduced the world to the ultimate beach club concept, is thrilled to announce its return to Toronto with a pop-up location during the 37th Annual Toronto International Film Festival. From September 6th through September 11th, 2012, Nikki Beach will take residence on the rooftop patio of The Spoke Club, the prestigious venue located on King Street West in the heart of downtown Toronto. Nikki Beach will recreate its signature chic all-white environment for both members of The Spoke Club and newcomers alike to indulge in the unique ambiance that is found at Nikki Beach locations around the world.  The Spoke Club has established itself in Toronto as the preeminent social refuge for high profile opinion-formers and leaders from the creative community.


More on Nikki Beach during the Toronto International Film Festival

July 26, 2012 |

Sizzling Summer Secrets at Nikki Beach Marbella


Sizzling Summer Secrets at Nikki Beach Marbella

(Behind the Scenes with the Nikki News team)

written by: J.Peter


Marbella is gaining wide recognition as one of the must-go-to resort towns for jet setters all over the globe. It has become an icon of high-class sports including sailing, golf, and tennis. In Marbella, you also get the chance to experience upscale and down-to-earth with just the right balance. And with the summer re-opening of Nikki Beach Marbella, things would surely be even more electrifying.


Here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes about the Grand Kickoff for the Summer Opening of Nikki Beach Marbella this 2012. Presenting us with this luscious scoop would be headed by the Nikki Newsteam from the iPhone video shot from Mike Penrod.


Nikki News host, Russian model extraordinaire, and Nikki Beach jet-setter Jeniya Penrod talked with the Director of Public Relations (PR) and Marketing of Nikki Beach Marbella – Ms. Gretel. Ms. Gretel told Jeniya about the success and fun everyone had been having at the first Sunday party at Nikki Beach Marbella for summer 2012.


Ms. Gretel showed great excitement and delight as she related to Jeniya the number of new faces that attend the Sunday party. She further concluded that the summer season will bring lots of new faces, especially, on the Grand Opening White Party or Nikki Beach Marbella that will be held on the 31st of May.


Bad news though because, if you haven’t got a ticket yet, because you will have to wait for the next White Party of Nikki Beach Marbella as the one that will be held this month has already been sold out 4 weeks in advance to 3,500 people!

Sold Out Nikki Beach Marbella White Party

Nikki Beach Marbella White Party1 222x300 Sizzling Summer Secrets at Nikki Beach Marbella

After letting us in with an exclusive from Ms. Gretel on the happenings at Nikki Beach Marbella, Jeniya took us to Nikki Beach Marbella’s very own DJ Mario Z. Jeniya and DJ Mario talked about the funky and crazy amazing music that DJ Mario plays on Nikki Beach Marbella to keep the Nikki Beach vibe.


The cheerful DJ Mario also promoted his Nikki Beach Marbella album entitled, “Spring Season 2012: DJ Mario Z Vol. 1 (Tell Only Your Best Friends) consisting of soulful remix with funk and craze. Like Ms. Gretel, DJ Mario also reminded everyone to be at Nikki Beach Marbella on the 31st of May for the Grand Opening White Party.


Following the interviews with Ms. Gretel and DJ Mario, the Nikki News team was offered the very first mojito of the summer at Nikki Beach Marbella. The balance of rum, lime, and mint was just the right drink for a fun in the sun at Nikki Beach Marbella.


Lastly, Jeniya interviewed Julian Lewis, the new General Manager of Nikki Beach Marbella, joining Marian Roman who moved up as regional director of Nikki Beach Marbella & Mallorca.


GM Lewis shared that they worked on an exciting project for Nikki Beach Marbella to last until the end of the year. Aside from the anticipated parties and events, GM Lewis announced the celebration of Nikki Beach Marbella’s 9th year that will be held on the 5th of July. And if you want to learn more about Nikki Beach, you just have to visit or their official page on Facebook.


Vist our website for more events Nikki Beach Marbella

May 8, 2012 |

White Party at Nikki Beach Marbella Spain


White Party at Nikki Beach Marbella

Nikki Beach Marbella White Party 222x300 White Party at Nikki Beach Marbella Spain

written by: mcstir for Nikki

Make this Your best summer ever – White Party at Nikki Beach Marbella

If you are looking for a truly memorable and spectacular event to attend this year, you should consider travelling to a resort called Elvira, located in Marbella, Malaga, Spain. This exclusive resort is located approximately 35 minutes from the Malaga Airport. Nikki Beach Marbella is located at the Playa Hotel Don Carlos, Carettera de Cadiz. What you will find here will make you wonder how the clubs back home even held your attention for a few moments in time.

Nikki Beach Marbella Summer Kick off…

The world renowned Nikki Beach Marbella White Party is an exclusive dance club party, marking the opening of the club for the summer season, and offering party goers a chance to rub elbows with celebrities and VIPs alike. The lavish décor invites you to make yourself comfortable and enjoy a full evening of entertainment and dancing.

Tickets go very quickly, so if you want the chance to attend Nikki Beach Marbella, be sure to purchase yours well in advance. Once a specific number are sold for Nikki Beach Marbella, no more will become available and you will miss out on the event of the year. Attending the Nikki Beach Marbella white party will make every event you attend afterwards seem substandard, but that’s how we roll.

No other club offers such a festive environment as Nikki Beach Marbella, and you will be treated to circus performers, acrobats, go-go dancers, fire throwers, singers and bands and DJs to get you into the party mood. Celebrity DJs have been known to make an appearance occasionally, so be sure to get in early when the doors open at 7:00 p.m.

Watch videos and light shows on the jumbotron while you take in the live acts adding to the sophisticated atmosphere. As the night falls, you will see that lasers and lights move around the dance floor and create a club atmosphere outdoors. The club is close to the ocean and offers incredible views of the surrounding area. Carefully choreographed fireworks at the end of the night end the evening with a bang, literally.

Throughout the Nikki Beach Marbella club you will find long tables with ice buckets for drinks and bottles. Waitstaff are everywhere, eager to fill your order and get your night going for you. The seating is lavish, comfortable and inviting, and a massive dance floor invites you to rhythmically dance to the music. The bouncers are dressed in black from head to toe adding a sharp contrast to the sea of white.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the privileged few to be attending the Nikki Beach Marbella annual party, be sure to wear white or you will be turned away at the door. If you need to get some ideas on what to wear to the hottest summer dance party of the year, you should watch our videos of the White Party at Nikki Beach Marbella from past years.

Watching the Nikki Beach Marbella videos should have you extremely excited about attending our party, and we promise to deliver an even better event this year!

For More Information, contact us in Marbella.


May 6, 2012 |

Geo Travellers Travel Tips for Marbella Spain


Travel Tips for Marbella Spain

Marbella Spain Geo Travellers Travel Tips for Marbella Spain

Written by: Simon23  for Geo Travellers

Located in a unique microclimate between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Blanca mountains Marbella is famous for it’s beautiful weather, stunning highland vistas and glitzy social scene. To think of Marbella as Spain’s Monte Carlo is relatively accurate however there is more to this harbour city than luxury, a distinctive history and architecture make Marbellaa rare jewel just waiting to be explored.

With 320 days of sunshine every year there is never really a bad time to visit Marbella, you can go celebrity spotting all year round! Even the winter months are mild and relatively dry. June and October are famous for their festivals in the town, both honouring patron saints of the region and lasting for a full week. This is a great time to discover the local cuisine and culture with various performances held in the towns many beautiful squares througout the weeks.

In addition to the more traditional celebrations numerous international events take place in the city too, the International Jazz Festival takes place during June, Marbella Reggae Festival takes place during July and the Marbella International Opera Festival takes place during August. There is also the Marbella International Film Festival, the Spanish Film Festival and the Festival of Independent Theatre. There is always something to see in Marbella.


History of Marbella Spain

The history of Marbellabegan as early as the Roman times with a small Roman town having once stood on the site of the present day “El Casco Antiguo”, the old town. Evidence of Roman settlement is still seen today in the shape of the old town wall which contains Roman materials recycled in the building of the old towns defences by the Moors. During the Roman era the town was known as Salduba which means “the salt city”.

The Roman town stood for some centuries before being pillaged and burnt by the Normans who were then followed by the Moors who occupied Southern Spain for nearly 800 years! This huge period of time accounts for the distinctively Moorish architecture of the region and the presence of many Moorish buildings in Marbella, as well as the fortifications.

Marbella did not return to Spanish hands until 1485. The following 500 years were marked by the peaceful life of a jasmine lined fishing town, with the notable events mainly being the construction of the Fuerte de San Luis de Marbella as well as numerous beautiful churches in the El Casco Antiguo.

In 1943 Ricardo Soriano, Marquis of Ivanrey purchased an estate in the area and began to encourage his wealthy friends to visit. This was the beginning of Marbella as a luxury tourist resort and by the 1970′s the presence of movie stars had evolved into the presence of Sheikhs. An idea of the rapidity of the grwoth is evidenced by Marbella’s population 900 in 1945 to 300,000 today.


Town Districts and their Attractions in Marbella Spain

El Casco Antiguo in Marbella Spain

The backstreets of the old town are a particular pleasure to explore with small beautiful chapels sitting alongside tapas bars and family restaurants with many streets being intersected by beautiful shady squares lined with jasmine. The old town is composed of the Bairro Alto (high town) and the Bairro Nuevo (new town) and still retains many features of its 16th century Castilian renaissance origins.

The most famous square in the region, the Plaza de los Naranjos is to be found here overlooked by Town Hall, the Mayoral House and the Santiago Chapel which is the oldest religious building in the area. The other notable churches and chapels of the old town include Capilla de San Juan de Dios and Church of Santa María de la Encarnación. The high town is also known as San Francisco due to the previous presence of a Franciscan Convent.


Historic Example of Marbella Spain

Built around the Avenida del Mar which runs from the old town to the sea, Eixample is home to the botanical gardens called Paseo de la Alameda, not to mention numerous other beautifully designed parks and fountains. In one small park stands ten sculptures by the artist Salvador Dali, a lasting testament to Spanish creativity.


District of Las Chapas in Marbella Spain

The area of Las Chapas is the site of the oldest phoenician remains to be found, near to an ancient iron mine. There two ancient watchtowers also present here, the River Tower and also the Tower of Thieves. The famous Hilton Hotel of Marbella was also located here however today it has new owners and is called the Don Carlos. There are numerous other modernist buildings in this part of the town which will be of interest to architectural buffs.


San Pedro de Alcántara in Marbella Spain

Las Chapas is not the most important archaeological site in the town though, nextled amongst the 19th century buildings of San Pedro de Alcántara are various remains including the Roman Baths, an ancient Christian Basilica and yet another ancient watchtower. Those with an archeological passion will also want to visit Cerro Colorao which is a still active archaeological site charting the progression of pre-Roman settlement onwards.


Puerto Banus and Puerto de la Bajadilla in Marbella Spain

One of the most famous aspects of Marbella are its harbours. The rows of yachts and even superyachts are an instant reminder of the resorts luxury status. There are numerous bars and restaurants to treat yourself to and the culinary delights certainly rival those of the old town, though with a distinctly different atmosphere. The Puerto Banus is however designed in the traditional style of an Andalucian village and was world famous for its beauty when opened in 1970. The new black and white restaurant which overlooks Puerto Banus is building itself a very good reputation. The Al Dente and Champagne Bar is recommended if you feel in a spending mood.


Day Trips and Activities in Marbella Spain

Beach-life and Clubbing in Marbella Spain

Marbella is blessed with 24 beautiful beaches which run for some 27km. The waters are clean and swimming is considered safe.
There are numerous beachside clubs in the Marbella area, offering every kind of music imaginable. The beach close to “The Golden Mile” is home to many luxurious venues with a very classy feel. One particular club that has a very good reputation is Nikki Beach Marbella, an upmarket nightclub which plays funky house alongside salsa inspired grooves.


Yachting, Fishing and Diving in Marbella Spain

With the presence of two harbours and so many boats it’s very easy to find boating trips, whether you want to go sightseeing along the coast or you want to relax with some fishing rods hanging off the back, there are plenty of options available. There are numerous diving expeditions also available not to mention accredited PADI schools offering certification. As with all things in the city, the prices are not exactly cheap.


Caving in Marbella Spain

Caving involves exploring underground caves and chambers formed by water that has dissolved soft rock like limestone. It involves a combination of walking, climbing, abseiling and sometimes even a little swimming! A safe but unforgettable experience highly recommended.


Horse Racing Marbella Spain

Visit the Hipodromo Mijas Costa and experience some Spanish horse racing, the races feature what are arguably some of the best raised horses in the world. Rivaling the Arabian breeds.


Parasailing in Marbella Spain

Near the Puerto district is the option to go parasailing, this is very much recommended as the price is very reasonable for Marbella. Probably because it only attracts the young as opposed to wealthy older clientele!


Golf in Marbella Spain

There are many top quality golf courses in Marbella, which means no golfer will ever be bored. The views from many of the courses are spectacular which is yet another reason why Marbella is so popular with the international jetset.

In summary then, Marbella has everything one could ask for from an upmarket Mediterranean resort, it may well have a reputation as a playground for the rich but its deep historical legacy not to mention natural beauty means there is something for everyone here.


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Castlewood Group brings Nikki Beach to six markets in Asia


Castlewood Group brings the world renowned Nikki Beach brand to six markets in Asia

Nikki Beach Hotel and Spa, Phuket to Open in 2013

 Castlewood Group brings Nikki Beach to six markets in Asia

May 2, 2012, Singapore – Commercial Real Estate Developer, The Castlewood Group Singapore, announced today they are expanding the world-renowned lifestyle brand, Nikki Beach, in Asia, commencing with a Hotel, Spa and Beach Club in Phuket in 2013.   Nikki Beach which has already seen massive success with its Koh Samui Beach club which opened 2009, plans to operate and expand its brand with Castlewood Group in Singapore, Koh Samui (hotel property), Bali, Langkawi and Hai Nan – potential investors will have the opportunity to own a slice of one of the hottest and exclusive properties which attracts celebrities and trendsetters alike.

In 1998, Nikki Beach introduced the world to the ultimate beach club concept bringing together dining, fashion, art, music and entertainment and was quoted by the London Observer as the ‘Sexiest Place on Earth.’  Over a decade later, the Nikki Beach concept has transcended its international venues and grown into a global luxury lifestyle brand – Nikki Beach Lifestyle which comprises of a clothing line, global events such as the famed Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals and the upcoming London Olympic Games, plus a Nikki Beach music label, VIP membership and concierge program as well as a hotel and resort division.

The Nikki Beach way of life can now be experienced in twelve cities, in nine different countries: Miami Beach, Florida, USA; St. Tropez, France; St. Barth, French West Indies; Marbella, Spain; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Marrakech, Morocco; Koh Samui, Thailand; Mallorca, Spain and also at the Cannes Film Festival, France; the Toronto International Film Festival, Canada; and this year at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Founder Jack Penrod is so respected in the industry that the State of Florida, Miami Dade County and the City of Miami Beach honored him with the phenomenal success of Nikki Beach and his contribution to the transformation of the infamous South Beach Miami over the past 25 years by declaring Tuesday, April 17, 2012 ‘Jack Penrod Day.’

Castlewood Group CEO Chris Comer said, “We are delighted to contribute to the expansion of this hugely exciting and successful brand in Asia and offer our investors the chance to become part of the Nikki Beach lifestyle.   The Nikki Beach Club plus The Nikki Beach Hotel and Spa in Bang Tao, Phuket will be our first offering to the market and will comprise a 5 star hotel with 151 luxurious suites and a mix of 23 sky villas and exclusive villas all with private pools and gardens.  In addition there is a 45 m free form swimming pool, roof top infinity pool with bar and lounge overlooking an external yoga area.  Combined with the glamour of the Nikki Beach Club this will be the place to be seen in Phuket.”

Castlewood Group has seen a strong interest across Asia to purchase commercial real estate.   Investors can buy into the Nikki Beach Hotel and Spa, Phuket starting from S$60,280 and can select fixed returns with a 5% guaranteed returns for 8 years or variable returns which have the potential to achieve up to 30% per annum.  The investment offers an early exit in 2016 and a full term managed exit in 2020. The investment has no stamp duty and is HDB friendly.

The investor is fully insured for the full amount of each individual purchase. This insures the title of the land and the subsequent value of the property and the business built upon it by First American Title Insurance, itself a fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest underwriters.  Also added to the insurance and in an effort to provide the safest buying environment possible, Castlewood Group has placed the development and its assets in a fully secured third party trust based in Singapore and managed by Intercontinental Trust – an independent member of Baker Tilly, the 8th largest provider of accountancy and business services in the world. This trust deed will remain in place until the hotel exit which is planned for December 2020.

“We’ve gone the extra mile to make this an attractive and safe investment.  This financial assurance combined with the exciting lifestyle experience with Nikki Beach has prompted a great deal of interest and we look forward to achieving our goals to launch Nikki Beach properties in Singapore, Koh Samui, Bali, Langkawi and Hai Nan”, Chris Comer added.

Plans for the Nikki Beach hotel and Spa, Phuket have been warmly received.  At the recent Asia Pacific Hotels Awards sponsored by RICS ( Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors,) and HSBC  held on April 27, 2012 – Nikki Beach Hotel and Spa Phuket won an award for New Hotel Design and Construction Thailand 2012 & 2013.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with the Castlewood Group as they have a rich pedigree in selling, managing and marketing outstanding properties worldwide. Our first property in Asia was the Koh Samui Beach club which is proving to be a great success.  We can’t wait to expand  the excitement of Nikki Beach in Asia as we know we have many fans and followers of the brand and our choice of partner is absolutely critical to making this an outstanding experience for everyone,” said Founder and President of Nikki Beach, Jack Penrod.

Nikki News


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About Castlewood Group

Castlewood was first established in 2006 as Castlewood International Dubai. In Dubai, Castlewood provided a new product and service that was new to both Dubai and United Arab Emirates (UAE) market – the company sourced and acquired plots of land in desirable locations, then project designed concepts with a team of architects and collectively marketed the project in its entirety to large-scale real-estate developers.

In 2008, the company moved to Singapore and set up the Castlewood Investment Properties Pte Ltd, a division of Castlewood International. Utilising Singapore as a global hub for the company’s real estate development sales and marketing function, Castlewood grew its marketing base to cover China and the Middle East with future plans to expand in markets such as India, Taiwan, Russia and all the former Soviet Union countries. In 2010, Castlewood Group Pte Ltd was formed with a number of companies that fall under this umbrella.

Castlewood Group’s mission is to bring affordable Commercial Real Estate Investments to the masses.  This is been achieved by developing hotels and setting up investment opportunities in hotel rooms which cater for both small and large scale investors  The concept of hotel room investment has been around for many years and has been undertaken by business leaders such as Donald Trump and brands such as Ritz Carlton & Radisson.  The key to its success is transparent and verifiable future growth at the destination in which the hotel is to be built along with a clear and proven demand within the 5 star luxury key markets at the location. .

Castlewood Group is ensuring investors see maximum returns by engaging a high end luxury brand to manage hotel properties which will assist the hotel achieving both maximum room rates and occupancy levels.   In 2012, a partnership was formed between Castlewood Group and Nikki Beach seeing Nikki Beach set to manage the groups properties.  Nikki Beach brings with them a loyal and high end clientele synonymous with a jet setting lifestyle and all things high end.  Works on the Nikki Beach Hotel and Spa Phuket commenced in 2012 with opening scheduled for 2013.

In the coming years Castlewood Group plans to open properties in Singapore, Koh Samui, Bali, Langkawi and Hai Nan all of which will be manage by Nikki Beach.


About Nikki Beach

In 1998, Nikki Beach introduced the world to the ultimate beach club concept bringing together dining, fashion, art, music and entertainment. Quoted by the London Observer as the “Sexiest Place on Earth”, over a decade later, Nikki Beach continues to make its mark in the world’s hottest addresses and trendsetting locales, recently claiming the #1 spot in Travel Channel’s World’s Sexiest Beach Bars. The Nikki Beach concept has transcended its international venues and grown into a luxury global lifestyle company: Nikki Beach Lifestyle, launched at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 with a clothing line; Marketing and Public Relations Divisions; Global Sponsorships and Special Events; Nikki Beach Music label; a VIP membership card and concierge program; and a Hotel and Resorts Division.

Nikki Beach lifestyle can now be experienced in twelve cities, in nine different countries with more locations to come in the near future: Miami Beach, Florida, USA; St. Tropez, France; St. Barth, French West Indies; Marbella, Spain; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Marrakech, Morocco; Koh Samui, Thailand; Mallorca, Spain; and also at the Cannes Film Festival, France; the Toronto International Film Festival, Canada; and this year at the 2012 Olympics in London. For more information on Nikki Beach, please visit

For further information please contact:

Linda Fulford

Fulford PR

6324 2268/9088 3757


Rachel Lo

Fulford PR

6327 6177/9847 8839

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Jack Penrod’s Proclamation Ceremony at Nikki Beach



Jack Penrod’s Proclamation Ceremony at Nikki Beach

April 17, 2012 Named Official “Jack Penrod Day”

By the City of Miami Beach and Miami Dade County Officials

Miami Beach, Florida (April 17th, 2012) – On Tuesday, April 17, an exclusive group of Miami Beach residents, politicians and state officials gathered at the world-renowned Nikki Beach Club to celebrate its founder Jack Penrod.

Jack Penrod at Nikki Beach Jack Penrod’s Proclamation Ceremony at Nikki Beach

After 25 years in business on Miami Beach, the State of Florida, Miami Dade County and the City of Miami Beach proudly honored Mr. Penrod with a Proclamation to celebrate the phenomenal success of Nikki Beach and his contribution to the successful transformation of the surrounding area. As a tribute to Mr. Penrod’s undeniably important role in changing the face of South Beach forever, the City of Miami Beach and Miami Dade County, officially named Tuesday, April 17, 2012, “Jack Penrod Day.”

Amongst the guests on Tuesday evening were Ms. Ana Rivas Logan (The Honorable Representative for the State of Florida), Mr. Luis Garcia (Florida House Representative), Mrs. Lynda Bell (The Honorable Commissioner for Miami Dade County), Mr. Russell Benford (The Honorable Deputy Mayor of Miami Dade County) and Mr. Michael Gongora (The Honorable Commissioner for the City of Miami Beach) whom were eager to celebrate both Nikki Beach and the man behind it, Jack Penrod.

While his business is legendary, few know the man behind the Nikki Beach vision. Jack Penrod, an avid diver, pilot and all-around outdoorsmen built his empire from the ground up. His illustrious career in business now spans the globe, with locations in 8 countries and a lifestyle brand that reaches even further.  But the Nikki Beach founder had a modest start. A hard-worker and aspiring entrepreneur, he joined the McDonalds Restaurant Corporation in 1969 as a line cook making $.85 an hour.  Due to his innate marketing skills, he put his savvy into over-drive and moved up the ranks at warp speed. Mr. Penrod eventually became the largest franchise owner in the State of Florida.

After his success with McDonalds, Jack Penrod turned his attention toward the entertainment, nightlife and hospitality industry, opening several clubs in Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. His success with Penrod’s Beach Club in Ft. Lauderdale was astronomical and it seemed everyone wanted to get in on the action. The City of Miami Beach, in particular, was interested in having Mr. Penrod open a business in South Beach on the once sleepy Ocean Drive.

Penrod Family1 Jack Penrod’s Proclamation Ceremony at Nikki Beach

Previously a dilapidated part of Miami Beach, more popular with retirees than trendsetters, the South of Fifth area of South Beach is now one of the most sought-after and exclusive neighborhoods on the beach. Jack Penrod has played a major role in the neighborhood’s transformation since the mid-80’s with the opening of Penrod’s Beach Club in 1988. For two years in a row, first in 1984 and again in 1985, a delegation from the City of Miami Beach and the Greater Miami

Convention and Visitors Bureau approached Jack Penrod about bringing his successful Ft. Lauderdale business, Penrod’s, to South Beach. Mr. Penrod turned Ron Kent, the director of the GMCVB, down in 1984 after studying Ocean Drive and finding it was crime-ridden and unsafe for his staff.

Then, in 1985, City of Miami Beach Commissioner Bruce Singer approached Mr. Penrod again on behalf of the city and asked him to reconsider; Mr. Singer asked Mr. Penrod to create a “wish list”, promising that the City would do whatever it could to bring his successful business to its streets. After careful consideration, Mr. Penrod compiled his terms and the city gratefully welcomed Penrod’s.

Ever the savvy businessman, Mr. Penrod spent the first few years creating a buzz all over the country about Penrod’s Beach Club coming to Miami Beach before actually opening the $4 million entertainment complex at One Ocean Drive. After 3 full years of legendary parties all over the country, cutting edge marketing campaigns and the success of the beach concession from 1st Street to 14thStreet, Penrod’s Beach Club opened its doors and changed the face of the neighborhood forever.

Nine years later, tragedy struck and Mr. Penrod’s daughter, Nicole, was killed in an auto accident. Devastated as he was, Jack Penrod decided that, rather than mourn his daughter’s passing, he would celebrate her life for years to come. In 1997, after a complete renovation, Nikki Beach Club was opened. The venue and its sister properties all over the world are a continuing homage to Nikki Penrod and the Nikki Beach brand is meant to exemplify all that she was as a person; beautiful, fun-loving, a trendsetter and cutting edge in every way.

The Nikki Beach brand has become the premier luxury entertainment lifestyle brand in South Florida and the world. Not only has the venue made its mark on South Beach, but the brand has shined a spotlight on Miami Beach all over the globe, with locations in St. Tropez and Cannes in France; St. Barth in the Caribbean; Marbella and Mallorca in Spain; Cabo San Lucas in Mexico; Koh Samui in Thailand, at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada, Marrakesh in Northern Africa and Miami Beach in the USA.

Attendees were honored to be a part of the State, County & City’s expression of gratitude and congratulations to Mr. Penrod on Tuesday and thrilled to be a part of honoring a large piece of Miami Beach History.



Press contact in Miami

Maritza Solorzano

1 Ocean Drive

Miami Beach FL 33319


April 18, 2012 |

Nikki Beach Restaurant


South Beach Restaurant & Nightclub

Nikki Beach in Miami is the hidden jewel of South Beach, located at One Ocean Drive along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean amid swaying palms trees and warm sunny breezes. Nikki Beach Miami has established itself as the landmark nightclub and venue for ultimate private parties, large celebrations, and always lives up to its reputation as a South Beach Miami party playground for jet setters, celebrities, VIPs, guests and visitors alike.

Nikki Beach Club in Miami is comprised of a large oceanfront complex featuring an outdoor beach club, an award winning restaurant and a sexy South Beach nightclub favorite. Enjoy full food and VIP bottle service in our fabulous cabanas and lounge beds during the day while soaking up the South Beach sun.

*Dress code at Nikki Beach includes casual daywear and beach chic attire.

Dining & Lounging at Nikki Beach

The South Beach flagship property’s menu is influenced by Nikki Beach properties around the world from St. Tropez to Marbella, Koh Samui and beyond. Executive Chef Gerry Gnassi’s inspiration stems from the fresh seafood and flavors of the South of France, spices of East Asia and South Beach’s laissez- faire attitude. Nikki Beach Miami creates the perfect blend of flavors bound to please every gourmand’s palate.

The Nikki Beach restaurant is one of the only gourmet dining destinations in South Beach to actually offer a beach and oceanfront restaurant dining experience. Nikki Beach offers an eclectic menu ranging from wood burning oven pizzas, delicious salads, creative sushi rolls, innovative seafood entrees, freshwhole lobster and mouthwatering Chateaubriand. The perfect mix of jet-set style and South Beach’s exciting and sexy vibe, Nikki Beach is a not-to-be-missed destination not only for dining but also enjoying a truly unique South Beach landmark.

Nikki Beach Miami Restaurant Reservations

February 5, 2012 |

Live Music at Pearl Restaurant Miami Beach | Live Music South Beach


Live Music Pearl Miami Beach1 500x310 Live Music at Pearl Restaurant Miami Beach | Live Music South BeachLive Music on South Beach during Dinner at Pearl Restaurant

written by: Elizharford

The delectable globally inspired cuisine you lust for with the charm and flair of an amazing bossa nova lounge singer; a perfect pairing or live music. Live Music tonight Pearl Restaurant in Miami Beach will begin featuring live music to enhance your dining experience from 9pm – 11pm. The sweet sounds of a bossa nova lounge singer will permeate the air as you dine in the amber glow of one of the trendiest new restaurants in Miami Beach with Live Music.

Live Music Every Friday and Saturday on South Beach

The Pearl South Beach Restaurant & Champagne Lounge is located in the South of Fifth neighborhood in South Beach Miami. Situated just above the world famous Nikki Beach club, patrons can dine in style ocean-front in the dining terrace or choose to dine indoors in the sleek and sophisticated, ultra-white dining room. Those looking for something a little more relaxing can grab a spot in the sunken champagne and caviar bar wrapped in flowing white drapes where you can relax into the night swaying to the rhythm of live music from the bossa nova lounge singer.

Chef Sylvian Noel’s exotic menu will take your palate on a journey around the world offering selections inspired from the traditional cuisines of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. A Latin inspired Jicama and Tangerine Arugula Salad with a roasted red pepper dressing prepares you for takeoff. Your main course may consist of a Grilled Scottish Salmon, Bombay Chicken, or Pan Seared Peking Duck Breast, among many others. Prepare for landing with a Goat Cheesecake or Homemade Profiteroles. Then, hit the runway with Pearl’s cocktails created by professional mixologist.

Live music begins tonight at Pearl South Beach Restaurant & Champagne Lounge in South of Fifth, South Beach Miami with a remarkable bossa nova lounge singer. The live music will be performed from 9pm – 11pm. Live music will continue at Pearl every Friday and Saturday from 9pm-11pm.

Book a table for tonight Reservations

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February 3, 2012 |

Gypsy Knights at Nikki Beach |about Miami


Join us tonight and every Wednesday at Nikki Beach in Miami for Gypsy Knights.

Every Wednesday the dinner party starts at 9 pm and go until very late!

Gypsy Knights at Nikki Beach features LIVE bands, fire shows, dancers and sexy belly dancers.

20120125 135602 Gypsy Knights at Nikki Beach |about Miami

January 25, 2012 |

Nikki Beach Clothing Line


DSC 0025 Nikki Beach Clothing Line

January 15, 2012 |

Nikki Beach Miami Announces Gypsy Knights Live Entertainment Dining on South Beach | miami beach


Gypsy Knights Miami Beach 200x145 Nikki Beach Miami Announces Gypsy Knights Live Entertainment Dining on South BeachWhether you’re a tourist or a local resident looking for a new dining experience on Miami Beach, starting December 28th, 2011 you’ll be able to enjoy dinner and live entertainment at the only South Beach restaurant actually located on the sands of Miami Beach.

Nikki Beach Miami is announcing “Gypsy Knights”, a Live Entertainment dining experience every Wednesday Night Starting 8pm Dec 28th 2011 on Miami Beach.

Theatrical producer Rod Pratt, the co-creator of “Mimzy’s Playhouse” has teamed up with local marketing and event production maven Emi Guerra to bring a cultural manifestation of song & dance titled, “Gypsy Knights” to be held at, the internationally acclaimed, Nikki Beach in Miami Beach.

A fusion of the arts and nightlife entertainment will rise from the sands of Nikki Beach, every Wednesday evening, creating a night where music of the western and eastern cultures will blend with contemporary dance. Milena Hale, choreographer and co-creator of Mimzy’s Playhouse and creator of Bionic Ballerina, will join soul singing sensation Joshua Stedman, visual performing artists Luckner Bruno, Olga Sartesky,  Kamila Cardenas and Michael Kasdaglis in authoring this modern era performance layered with traditional “cultura animi.”

Powered by symbolic costuming and custom creative performances, “A Gypsy Knight”, will encompass the environment, the mood, and the exotica of the spirit while creating a collective soul for all in attendance. The evening promises to represent the traditions of many nations and people of the world, with a contemporary and engaging twist that will thrill and delight the guest throughout the evening.

Music will be via a live band from 9-12 and then followed by DJ Rascal from 12 – close.

For reservations call on Miami Beach:

Nikki Beach Restaurant

1 ocean Drive

Miami Beach FL 33139

(786) 224-0770

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December 20, 2011 |

Pearl Restaurant Miami Beach re-opening media alert |About

Pearl Restaurant Miami Beach
Pearl Restaurant video 300x181 Pearl Restaurant Miami Beach re opening media alert |About

Pearl Restaurant Miami Beach

Pearl Restaurant Miami Beach

Pearl Restaurant in Miami Beach is re-opening after being closed for 6 years with a new exciting menu themed “World on a Plate” with Chef Sylvain Noel. Grand Opening December 10, 2011 and will be open Wednesday – Sunday 7pm until late.

We have included a announcement video from Chef Sylvain Noel that can be reused for your media purposes with only a link back to

Pearl Restaurant and Champagne lounge is located at the World Famous Nikki Beach location on the second floor.

About Miami

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December 9, 2011 |

An Amazing New Years Eve In Miami

New Years Eve Miami Beach
new years eve global 300x201 An Amazing New Years Eve In Miami

New Years Eve Miami Beach

An Amazing New Years Eve In Miami

written by: Ady Cosma

With all the Christmas rush, you should’ t forget that New Year’ s Eve sneaks up on you right after the holidays. There will be an amazing New Years Eve Miami party at Nikki Beach, which will be unforgettable.

The Nikki Beach in Miami is the  jewel of the entire South Beach, located near the Ocean, on the coast. Driving along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in the warm sunny breeze and the swaying palms trees it’ s just one of the amazing experiences that can be found here.

Nikki Beach in Miami has established itself as a turning point nightclub and it’ s famous for its greatest private parties, New Years Eve Miami Beach and the large celebrations that take place here. It always lives up to its good reputation as a New Years Eve Miami party playground for celebrities, VIPs, jet setters and famous guests. Common visitors are also very appreciated and treated well. New Years Eve South Beach…

Nikki Beach Club South Beach consists of a large oceanfront complex featuring a large outdoor beach club, a top star award- winning restaurant and also a favorite South Beach nightclub. That’ s plenty of fun and nice girls in this clubs. You’ ll also enjoy full food and VIP bottle service in the extremely pleasing cabana and lounge beds, all day long, while soaking up the South Beach sun and enjoying the freedom it brings.

In this amazing atmosphere, the perfect blend of flavors and smells are bounded to please every gourmandí s palate. The executive chef, Gerry Gnassi, is inspired by the fresh seafood and flavors in the South of France, spices and condiments of Eastern Asia and moreover the South Beachís laissez- faire attitude, making its food very appreciated. The restaurant from the beach is the only one gourmet dining destinations in South Beach that actually offers both a oceanfront and a beach restaurant complete dining experience.

The menu, ranging from wood burning oven pizzas, creative sushi rolls, delicious salads, creative seafood entries and fresh, whole cooked lobster to the now famous mouth- watering Chateaubriand is perfect for every taste, making feel you unique and special by sensing that the food is prepared special for you.

Dont Miss New Years Eve!

Their New Years Eve has more than 4.000 people from all around the world who enjoy the most beautiful night of the year watching the New Years Eve Ball Drop on the sand event (which is alike the NYC Times Square Ball Drop), admiring the fireworks, dancing and singing on modern music mixed by top DJ’ s .

There are several events taking place in New Years Eve Miami, but the most prolific is The Grand Voyage, which is a global rendez- vous for the elite class on New Year’ s Eve, in 2011. This is a global event, with nautical themed evening ad famed venues, such as Marbella, St. Barths, St. Tropez,  Koh Samui, Cabarete and Marrakechn.

New Years Eve Party at Nikki Beach Miami

Nikki Beach Miami Beach, bringing music, fashion, entertainment, dining and art together, brings the ultimate beach club concept. Known internationally as the “Sexiest Place on Earth”, the reputation Nikki Beach has gained over the years will be discovered to all visitors in an amazing New Years Eve Miami.

New Years Eve Packages

The New Years Eve packages provided for this event are created specially for every participant, to make him feel as a star.

  • Garden Dinner packages: enjoy a special 3 course meal in our romantic candles lit garden, prepared by the Executive Chef Gerry Gnassi. The tables are available for groups made of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 people. Prices vary from $600 for a table of 2 up to $3000 for 10 people. The pricing will include the admission for the night, a 3 course meal and also one bottle up to $350 of your choice for this special event.
  • Vip Tables: this tables are located outside, on the beach. This VIP Table package won’ t include food, but an ‡ la carte menu  will be available. Prices vary from $500 for a 2 persons table to $2000 for 10. Also there will be 4 bottles included in the package for the $2000 amount.
  • Vip DayBeds: are located in the middle of the venue. It costs $900 for a group of 4 persons
  • Opium Beds: these are the one of the most popular sections on our beach and also the number one attraction at the New Years Eve Miami. They will seat 10 people for the price of $2500, and will include 5 free bottles.
  • Teepees: $900 for a group of 4.
November 29, 2011 |

Robbie Rivera performing during Winter Music Conference


IMG 1268 Robbie Rivera performing during Winter Music Conference

November 23, 2011 |

Winter Music Conference


IMG 1210 Winter Music Conference

November 23, 2011 |

Live Entertainment at Nikki Beach Miami Nightly

Live Entertainment Violina at Nikki Beach
Nikki 200975 300x211 Live Entertainment at Nikki Beach Miami Nightly

Live Entertainment Violina at Nikki Beach

Live Entertainment hits South Beach

Nikki Beach Miami will now feature live entertainment nightly from 6:00 PM- 11:00 PM, and each night will have a different, international feel. Offering something for everyone, themed musical evenings will include jazz night, Latin Rock, American covers, open format and mash ups.

Nikki Beach Miami is holding auditions for new live entertainers to headline their newly launched happy hour and dinner menu. Auditions are taking place onsite Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17, 2011 from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Once the auditions are complete, the new entertainment program is set to begin on Friday, November 25, 2011.

“In our other locations around the world we have very talented musicians infused in our daily programming of Live Entertainment. Now at Nikki Beach in Miami we are introducing an amazing Live Entertainment programming for Happy Hour, Monday – Friday 5pm – 8pm and Entertainment Dining on the sand of South Beach 7 days a week,” says Mike Penrod (partner of Nikki Beach).


Exceptionally talented musicians and vocalists have already been seen and more are to come in our Live Entertainment search!

A sneak peak at some of the live entertainment that has already auditioned: Jackie Mendez, backup singer for Ricky Martin, Karina Iglesias, one of the top violinists from Mexico, Otto Avalos and an immensely talented opera singer, Antonio Serrano.

Tune in to watch the auditions for live entertainment as they happen in this player above.

Wednesday 11-16-11 or Thursday 11-17-11 Live or Video on Demand.

Give us your feedback while watching the live feed on our facebook page,  or watch it on!

Follow this story or subject  @NikkiBeachMiami,  @AboutMiami_co and @MikePenrod

For more information about this and all other events at Nikki Beach Miami, please visit our website or call 305.538.1111.
November 16, 2011 |

What Women What Fashion Show

What Women Want Fashion Show Nikki Beach Model Runway
What Women Want Fashion Show Nikki Beach Model Runway What Women What Fashion Show

What Women Want Fashion Show Nikki Beach Model Runway

Great Fashion Show at Nikki Beach Saturday Nov 12, 2011

Nikki Beach Miami celebrated the two year anniversary on November 12, 2011 of its signature fashion series, What Women Want.

A smashing success, guests enjoyed a stunning beachfront fashion show by Custo Barcelona highlighting their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection.

A live interview with Minerva Arboleya, publicist for Custo Barcelona, captures the essence of the new collection. Guests also enjoyed a bevy of goodies including a moisturizing hand treatment from Kiehl’s, chair massage and eyebrow shaping from the Spa @ Equinox, delectable cake bites  and a custom anniversary cake from Divine Delicacies, beautiful jewelry from JewelMint, fabulous makeup by Beauty for Real and beautiful art by Joanna Silver. Flamenco dancers, accompanied by a guitarist, thrilled the crowd under a beautiful moon on the beach.


If you would like to re-purpose this event for your news site, videos site, website, blog or company please visit the News Room” on this website and join for free then you will have access to all videos, interviews, models, photos and articles to create a fresh new Fashion story with your brand on it. Just link back to us in the credits.



“What Women What” Fashion Show B-Roll for Press


Photos for Press

What Women Want Fashion Show Nikki Beach Cake 200x300 What Women What Fashion Show What Women Want Fashion Show Nikki Beach Minerva Arboleya 200x300 What Women What Fashion Show What Women Want Fashion Show Nikki Beach Model Runway 200x300 What Women What Fashion Show

Courtesy of & Photography by MaryBeth Koeth



November 14, 2011 |

Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach Miami

Sunday Brunch Nikki Beach
Buffet Diane R 300x270 Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach Miami

Sunday Brunch Nikki Beach

The Best Sunday Brunch Vibe – Nikki Beach Miami

Trendy vibes and great atmosphere is synonymous in having Sunday brunch at Nikki Beach Miami. Here at Nikki Beach you will enjoy an amazing selection of fresh sea foods and other menu items. Where out of this world Sunday Brunch can be enjoyed by all. Brunch being served from 11am to 4pm.

All about The Vibe – Nikki Beach Sunday Brunch

If  it is vibe you are after then you’re sure going to get it here at Nikki Beach for Sunday Brunch. There is nothing quite like getting up on a glorious Sunday morning and attending one of the best brunches alive, Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach. It might be bit pricey. But, remember this is Miami where you get to enjoy good vibe, and may even have the privilege of having Sunday brunch with a celebrity or well known person. What else can you expect with dining on the sand and live entertainment. At Sunday Brunch you are guaranteed to enjoy yourselves.

Sunday Brunch is worth paying a couple of dollars for what you get. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. You get delicious selections like grilled veggies, cheese, pasta of your choice made in front of you, coleslaw, pancakes, waffles, variety of meats, fruits, muffins, cakes, salmon, and more. Enough to get your taste buds going off their rockers.

Your Sundays will never be the same again. When visiting Nikki Beach Sunday Brunch, you can expect to find the perfect spot where you get to sip fresh mimosas and enjoy mojitos. The party vibe pulses on for the entire day, with out of this world performances and interactive entertainment to go with it. To top it all, you never have to leave your private lounge area. Just imagine all the fun to be had dining on the sand of south beach Miami. Nikki Beach is world famous and gets raved about from visitors coming here all the time.

Culinary Experience to Remember – Sunday Brunch and Drinks with a Difference

The best Sunday Brunch experience happens every Sunday at Nikki Beach. Do not be late and we would encourage you to reserve your spot in advance to avoid disappointment. You can expect to be delighted from our wide variety of dishes available. Sunday brunch will bring you food from the omelet station, exquisite sushi, pastas, meats, and desserts to die for.

The deal you get at Sunday Brunch is considered to be the best. What makes it worth it, is that for a few dollars more you get all you can eat during Sunday Brunch. We advise you not to miss the Sunday brunch.

Drinks from Nikki Beach to Remember Sunday Brunch

Even your waiter proves to be a lot of fun and attentive to your every need during Sunday Brunch. Drinks are very well made. Take the margaritas in long sleek glasses, not to mention sipping on the great mojitos. Have a look at these fabulous drinks just to give you an idea how you can delight your palate during Sunday Brunch.

Sunday Brunch Favorites

Mojitos – Made from using mango, pineapple, fresh juices, mint, rum, and watermelon

Nikki Dream – This dream consists of sky dragon fruit, sour and soda mix, and blue Curacao

Cucumber Smash – contains sliced cucumbers, lime juice, lemon juice, agave nectar, platinum tequila, and a splash of soda

Pomegranate Lemonade – Special liqueur blended from ciroc, fresh lemon, pama liqueur, and pomegranate juice.

Margaritas – Traditional drink that is a special blend of watermelon, mango and strawberry.

South Beach Sangria – Here you will find a mixture of Nikki red wine, triple sec, fresh fruit, brandy, agave nectar, fresh berries, and pomegranate juice

Tropicana Swizzle – For the whiskey lovers this is the perfect blend of pineapple juice, orange juice agave, bitters, fresh lime juice, and clear moon shine whiskey.

Eats from Nikki Beach to Delight your Senses during Sunday Brunch

You will lick your fingers with delight as you make yourselves comfortable on one of many lounge beds available at Sunday Brunch on the beach. Just have a look of what is on offer from the variety of cuisine that is sure to amaze your taste buds.

The food selection from the Sunday brunch menu is simply amazing and awesome. You will have your sweet senses delighted with lovely fruit tarts, flan, and crème brulee. Then there is the salad station where you get special caprese salads (Two varieties – fruit and mozzarella fresh), other exotic mixed salad are also on offer like crudités, selection of cold cuts and cheeses. Fish lovers will enjoy tuna, delicacies like sushi and salmon. You will come across known favorites like French toast, scrambled egg, and omelets, which come custom prepared. Not to mention ham, smoked salmon, cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and much more.

What Others Had to Say about Sunday Brunch at Nikki Beach

Tourists and visitors from all over the world raved about the vibe, entertainment, and exquisite food they enjoyed with their stay at Nikki Beach Sunday Brunch. We captured some of what was said, so that you can see what you have been missing at Sunday Brunch.

“Dress to impress. Here you will find everything from International tourists, local VIPs, to supermodels . All hanging out together. You can seriously come as you are. It is a great party. You simply have to be here to see what we are talking about”.

“The Sunday brunch experience here is by far one of my best experiences of Miami Beach. The atmosphere being casual and relaxed on the beach, the drinks and food were out of this world. Music was simply great. Drinks might have been a bit pricey. Overall, the whole thing was reasonably priced for what we got here at Nikki Beach. Everyone but everyone comes here. The scenery is to die for”.

Just hear what was said by the couple who came to enjoy what Nikki Beach had to offer. “My husband and I came to visit Nikki Beach and we were more than impressed. We were seated right away. The waiters were very courteous and friendly. The music was house music that we thoroughly enjoyed. We just had to dance. I think that everyone here was nice. We feasted on calamari, which we would highly recommend Sunday Brunch to anyone. It was the best calamari we had in a long time. We will definitely come visit again”.

What can we say about having Sunday brunch at Nikki Beach Miami. You need to come see for yourselves. There is no words to describe Sunday Brunch to you.

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November 12, 2011 |

Fashion Shows in Miami Beach

7 8 300x199 Fashion Shows in Miami Beach


Fashion Shows in Miami

Located on the warm Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida, Miami is an important fashion show center and a leader in finance, culture, commerce, entertainment, media, the arts, and international trade.

Tourism in Miami is a major industry with its ever-warm sandy beaches, conventions, festivals and fashion events drawing over 38 million savvy travelers annually into the city, from across the globe. South Beach and in particular The Art Deco District is reputed for its glamorous nightclubs, beaches, historical buildings, and shopping. An annual event such as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami, Winter Music Conference, Art Basel, South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Sony Ericsson Open attracts millions to the lively city every year.

Miami is also an important fashion center, home to some of the top modeling agencies and models in the world. Miami hosts many notable annual fashion shows and events, including the Miami Fashion Week held at Miami Beach Convention Center, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami – Wynwood Art District, Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami Beach – The Setai Hotel in Miami Beach & The Moore Building Miami, “What Women Want” conducted monthly by the Nikki Beach Miami Club, and Express Runway at the Miami Beach sidewalks.


Miami Fashion Week

Fashion Shows Mar 21 to Mar 24, 2012, Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami Fashion Week is a fashion event held annually in Miami, Florida, United States during the spring in the fashionable Wynwood Arts District of Miami. Miami Fashion Week started in 1998 and is the world’s biggest fashion week for Latin-American and Caribbean fashion industry specialists.

Miami International Fashion Week has wrapped up its 12th annual event in 2011 with a Music Awards show & many celebrity hosts. More than 500 guests were enthralled and entertained by a special live performance of international recording star Marala.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Fashion Shows July 14, 2012, Raleigh Hotel, 1775 Collins Avenue in South Beach, Miami Beach.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week annual event held every year during the Summer at the fashionable Wynwood Art District. Swimsuit wearing models hit runways on July 14th at the Raleigh Hotel. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami works along with New York Fashion Week, and is the largest and most important swimwear fashion week in USA. For the seventh straight year, thousands of fashion industry people would reach the sands of Miami Beach to check out the swimwear industry of 2012.

The event is invitation-only covering five days of shows and events; it attracts over 12,000 journalists, buyers, photographers, and VIPs pass along the two full runway venues providing an optimal show venue to above twenty designers. Fully-decked cabanas is hosted by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim official sponsors as well as comfortable seating arrangements for you to lounge while mingling with the fashion industry’s elite.


Funkshion 2012

Fashion show October 19/22, 2011, The Setai Hotel in Miami Beach & The Moore Building at Design District in Miami

Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach is happy to celebrate its 8th year and 17th season. As with every season, the general public are welcome to attend. FUNKSHION Fashion Week Miami Beach will fuse fashion and music like no other city in the world could do.

The Moore Building at the famous Design District in Miami and The Setai Hotel in Miami Beach provide the backdrops for each show. For the fashion newbies, FUNKSHION Fashion Week Miami Beach is a regular 4 day long event that sets up an innovative platform for new and established designers to promote their collections.


What Women Want

Fashion Show November 12, 2011, Nikki Beach, Miami

Nikki Beach Lifestyle invites you all to celebrate the What Women Want Fashion Show event. One of the most anticipated ladies night out in Miami, this gorgeous event is centered around sweets, beauty and fashion – the ultimate pampering for women.  Enjoy Tantalizing Tapas, Flaming Flamenco show and Sultry Sangria. Dinner reservations welcome and encouraged so as to get the best seats of the show! Enjoy our 2nd Year Anniversary with  ëA Taste of Spain’, showcasing the newest collection from Custo Barcelona on Nov 12th from 7PM-10PM.


Express Runway

November 19, 2011, Miami Beach sidewalks

A free fashion show on Nov. 19 by EXPRESS Clothing line – “Rock the Sidewalk”  in true Miami style. EXPRESS takes to the Miami Beach sidewalks on Nov. 19 Friday to show off its Spring 2011 collection, and also to celebrate the opening of its new store on Lincoln Road. Renowned models and photographers are expected to this Free Show. This free show is open to the public on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach. Photographs from the show will be exclusively used by EXPRESS for its Spring 2011 marketing promotions. The runway show will be styled by industry leading fashion specialists and shot by well-known runway photographers. Renowned international and local models will strut the 70 foot long catwalk.


Nikki Beach Swim Week 2011

July 16 and 17, 2011 – S.P.F. – Sand Play Fashion

Nikki Beach hosted the astoundingly successful S.P.F. “Sand Play Fashion” a collection of beachfront fashion events along with the 2011 Miami Beach Swim Week. Nikki Beach Miami’s standard monthly fashion event, “What Women Want”, took place on the first day. The fashion show featured wonderful collections and exciting lines.


Fashion Show October 21-23, 2010

Miami Fashion Fest brought Miami to the center of the fashion world with City-Wide fashion-focused Events.

Miami transformed into one of the most fashionable place to be as MIAMI FASHION FEST showed the world what a fashionable city Miami is.

Locals fashion people and visitors had the opportunity to experience city-wide fashion events from top designer personal appearances, runway shows, styling clinics, store-wide retail promotion, fashion photo shooting and much more.


Grand Voyage- New Years Eve

December 31, 2011, Nikki Beach Miami

Prepare your Grand Voyage to 2012! Welcome the New Year at Nikki Beach Miami; set sail on The Grand Voyage, South Beach’s most sensational New Year’s Eve party. This exquisite event will feature mouth-watering cuisine designed uniquely for New Year’s Eve, with exciting live entertainment, a private fireworks display and a New York Times Square-style Ball drop exactly at midnight in Miami! Online tickets are on sale now at

Nikki Beach Miami located at One Ocean Drive along the wonderful Atlantic Ocean amid swaying palms trees and warm sunny breezes is kind of a hidden jewel of South Beach Miami. Nikki Beach Miami has quite become a landmark nightclub and a solid venue for ultimate private parties and celebrations. It always lives up to its trademark as a South Beach Miami party playground for celebrities, jet setters, VIPs, visitors and guests alike.

November 9, 2011 |

Fashion Show at Nikki Beach Miami Saturday

Fashion Show Nikki Beach Miami
Fashion Show Nikki Beach Miami 232x300 Fashion Show at Nikki Beach Miami Saturday

Fashion Show Nikki Beach Miami

Fashion Show at Nikki Beach Miami turns Two Years old this weekend

As winter approaches, Nikki Beach Miami is thrilled to be celebrating the Two Year Anniversary of its signature fashion show series, What Women Want. The “Taste of Spain” Anniversary event is Saturday, November 12 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

This very special fashion show evening event will feature a stunning beachfront runway show by Custo Barcelona, where guests will experience their passion for fashion and color. Fashionistas looking for a fabulous night out centered on fashion, shopping and indulgence will not want to miss this fabulous affair.

“What Woman Want” Fashion Show Saturday November 12th 2011.

While sipping on Nikki Beach sangria on Miami Beach, our fashion-forward crowd will delight in a variety of complimentary goodies during the fashion show. Enjoy a Kiehl’s moisturizing hand treatment, soothing chair massage and eyebrow shaping from the Spa @Equinox, Tarot Readings by Sarah, a great selection of jewelry by JewelMint and more. Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes will present a special 2nd Anniversary What Women Want fashion show cake in addition to a delightful assortment of sweets to nibble on throughout the evening. Themed décor for the fashion show is provided by Whimzy Life. Chez Badeaux will provide hair and makeup styling for all the models walking in the Custo fashion show.

During the fashion show here will be a flaming flamenco show along with pulse pounding Spanish rhythms by our Nikki Beach DJs. A full dinner menu is available as well as a special Palate Pleasers Tapas menu; reservations can be made at For more information or to RSVP, please visit Please direct press and media inquiries to Caroline Berger at

November 8, 2011 |
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